Laptop Workshop

Integrating Technology


Web Resources:





        Review NETS

        Review technology applications

        Develop strategies and plans that will put technology in the hands of students.

o       Demonstrate how students will be using technology


National Educational Technology Standards for Students

        NETS for Students (Including Performance Indicators for grade levels):

        General Curriculum and Content Area Standards:


20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have The Journal Online --


Technology Applications for Education

Evaluating Software:


        Skills drill and practice

o       Thousands of programs on all subjects

o       Integrated Learning Systems example: Success Maker

        Computer Graphics see and render

o       Graphic Tools

o       Draw and paint programs

         MS Paint

o       Idea processors, concept mapping (Kidspiration, Inspiration)

o       Image editors

         Microsoft Photo Editor

         Adobe Photoshop Elements

         Paint Shop Pro

o       Scanners and digital cameras

o       Importing and exporting

o       File formats

o       Animation

         Jasc Animation Shop (packaged with Paint Shop Pro)

        Telecommunications communicate and access

o       Searching -

o       Internet, WebQuests -

        Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Web Editors inform and publish

o       MS Word

o       FrontPage

        Databases organize and analyze

        Multimedia represent and connect

o       PowerPoint

o       Hypermedia

        Simulations experiment and structure

        Mathematical Devices compute and model

o       LOGO - (free download)

o       Spreadsheets Excel


Methods for Integrating Technology into Curriculum


        Take standard curricular materials

        Make instructional software part of lesson

        Use Internet resources with lesson

        Use technology during your instruction

        Make technology part of the assignment

        Have the students use technology when they work with content


START with lesson plans/units you already have created no need to reinvent the wheel!!



The Internet is a good way to embed technology into your instruction

Integrating the WWW:

        Brings an added dimension to teaching gives variety and spice to lessons

        Great way to bring primary sources into your classroom.

        Permits the use of the most current information

        Provides opportunities for multimedia thus tapping a variety of learning styles


Aim for understanding

        Choose content that encourages creativity

        Choose content that can have many layers of interpretation and provide resources in varying levels of difficulty

        Capitalizes on multiple learning styles/intelligences

        Challenges students to transform what they find into something different to ensure a more complete understanding



Using WebQuests as a strategy to integrate technology


Lesson Plan Model

Webquest Model

Hook Intro - Anticipatory Set



Guided/Independent practice












Possible Tasks for WebQuests

Retell with a report, presentation, or artifact

Compile or transform information from a variety of resources

Investigate a mystery, find the answer

Journalistic-designed to minimize bias, improve accuracy, and deepen understanding

Problem Solving - create something to solve problem

Scientific method

Creative projects- artwork, poetry, play, skit

Staffing projects- each student takes a different role

Persuade - convince audience about your view

Self-reflective tasks

Use judgment to make choices

Analyze- compare/contrast, why & what