More Tips and How's To's


To create a shortcut on the desktop for frequently used programs/applications:

Click Start>Programs>

Find the Program

Right Click while mouse curser is on top of the program icon

In the Pop-up menu, choose Send to>Desktop (Create Shortcut)

To create a shortcut for a website:

Use your browser to locate the specific website.

Left click on the tiny icon in the address URL text box. Hold the button down and drag it to your desktop.

Tip: If you are locating websites to bookmark for instructional or research purposes create folders by topics on your desktop and drag the addresses (as per above) and drop into the respective folders. The folders may then be saved in your folder/directory on the server or copied to a disk.


Downloading Video files from WMHT Video on Demand site

Type the above URL in the address bar of your web browser.

Sign in




·        Choose grade level and subject/topic information.

·        Locate the video you desire. (Pay attention to the file size and time information – it may make more sense to download smaller clips).

·        Select video type for Windows Media Player (if you have QuickTime installed on your computer, you may wish to select that option).

·        Choose “D” to download the video clip.

·        Choose Save

·        Browse to find a save location (your Desktop, your directory on the server, a folder on the computer’s hard drive (C:\) (depends on how much space you have – movie clips are usually large files and will quickly use up space).

·        Then click OK to save the file.

Tip: Create separate folders for each movie title. Then save clips in that folder.

Remember where you save them!

Tip: Once you have downloaded /saved the clips, you might want to copy them to a storage device (burn them to a CD or save them on a jump drive). This way you will not use up valuable space on server, and you will have the files incase of a problem. This also makes the files portable.

Video clips are usually too large to fit on a floppy disk. For that reason, you may wish to copy them (burn) on a CD-R or CD-RW disk. CD-RW gives you the option to rewrite to the disk.

How to burn media using Roxio CD Creator (depending on your version of the program)

Go to Start>Programs>Roxio CD Creator>

Choose Easy CD Creator

Choose Create a Data CD

Browse to locate the file you want to copy

Click to select the file

Choose Add

Choose Record

When finished choose close.


Saving Images from a website

Create a folder for saving images

(Be aware of any copyright issues and give credit or seek permission if necessary)

Browse to website. Place your curser on the image and right click.

Choose “save image as” and browse to your image folder.

Give the picture a name that will identify it for you. And click OK to save it.

To easily view pictures in a folder, choose View >Thumbnails



It lets you see your options!!

USE IT TO EASILY COPY AND PASTE files from one location to another

For example:

To copy a folder or file (document, picture, video, etc.) from one place to another:

Right click on folder (or file) on your desktop. Choose copy.

Go to the Open My Documents. Click the dropdown arrow to find your folder on the server. Open your server folder, and click paste. VOILA!! You have copied it to your folder on the server. This means you easily retrieve that file from any Windows computer in the district. If you want to copy the files/folders to another location it works the same way – open where you want to copy files and paste.

Note: you have to “burn” files to CD-R and CD-RW’s you can’t just copy/paste to save them there.