Digital Camera Tutorials and Resources

  1. Quick-Steps -- basic directions for scanning and acquiring digital images to use for web, PowerPoint, MSWord, etc.
  2. Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Corel, Xara, and Painter Tutorials -- short "how-to's" for a variety of image editing tasks.
  3. Ten Basic Tips for Working with Pictures in PowerPoint
  4. Digital Cameras In Education -- nice comprehensive site
  5. Information and Communication Technology  in Education Website
  6. Kodak Digital Learning Center -- the basics -- excellent, easy to understand tutorials
  7. On-line Practice Modules Software application tutorials and module sets for self-paced learning -- oriented toward classroom applications
  8. How To Guides from Concord Schools Includes: Use of images, GoLive, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Inpiration, Filemaker, Easy Grade Pro, Graphic Converter, Sony Mavica Camera, Mac OS, Viruses....
  9. A Guide to the Use of Copyrighted Materials on Instructional Websites
  10. Guidelines for Instructional Use of Cpyrighted Electronic and Multimedia Materials
  11. Graphics Links
  12. Creating Class Webs -- contains a good FrontPage 2000 tutorial, as well as information and resources for creating a class web (examples provided).
  13. Tutorials and Lessons from Jefferson County Public Schools
  14. Link-To-Learn Technology Tutorials Software tutorials, hardware information
  15. Bob Bowman's ON-line Tutorials  Lots of links to resources
  16. Bob Bowman's How-to Guides
  17.  Online software training videos (QuickTime plug in is required)
  18. FGCU Technology Orientation Tutorials for Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, and other applications
  19. Techssentials -- Many excellent links for technology integration, including tutorials, lessons, WebQuests, and more.
  20. Atomic Learning -- comprehensive library of video tutorials -- some are free, others require subscription.