Photo Exercises -- explore, experiment, enjoy

1. Leaves - Take pictures of leaves with texture. Look for a variety -- on trees or on the ground (pine needles are allowed). Look for contrast. This requires lots of light (morning or afternoon are good times -- then the light will strike the leaves at an angle and will feature their texture. Look for opportunities for light and shadow that will make your photo interesting.

2. Stairs and steps -- explore different angles

3.Point of View -- shoot a single subject/object from several different angles. Use light and shadow to add interest. See how many good compositions you can come up with.

3. Bicycle - photograph a bicycle from different angles. Get in close and shoot parts (wheels, pedals, gears etc.)

4. Eggs -- arrange several eggs on a white background and photograph them. Explore using a repeated shape, light and shadow, white on white. Explore, try many arrangements.

5. Old things -- show how the age influences character -- houses, tools, toys, shoes, machinery, etc (peeled paint, rust, abandoned, broken -- mood

7. Landscape - shoot a large expanse of any natural environment -- capture something of it's character (lush, wild, barren, calm -- look for recurring patterns in trees, rocks, land contours, water, and sky/clouds. Take photos in any weather.

7. Places -- neighborhoods -- what is it that makes the place special

8. Animals -  capture something special about a particular animal. Wait for an interesting pose. Experiment with perspective. Try close-ups. Back-up to show animal's environment. Look for texture and pattern.

9. Children - catch them doing things they do naturally (sleeping, playing, daydreaming, reading. Note how they respond to surroundings --re member parental permissions when photographing children.  Keep children interested in whatever they are doing -- maybe get them to tell you about it -- talk to them while you are photgraphing.


Resource: Exercise ideas adapted from: The Photographic Eye  by Michael O'Brien and Norman Sibley - Davis Publications 1995