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 Program and Workshop Descriptions

Current program offerings include:

Learners are introduced to robotics and programming through fun, challenging activities that compel them to use their imaginations. Students construct LEGO® models, use Robolab Software and the RCX Programmable Brick to solve problems. LEGO® robotics programs are designed to help students think both critically and creatively while they learn science, math, technology, and engineering concepts. (12 sessions)

Digital Scrapbooking 
Students learn to use computers, digital cameras , scanners, special art papers, multimedia components, and graphics software to create imaginative photos, backgrounds, and layouts for  theme-based digital scrapbooks.  Workshops are designed around  themes that are age appropriate, and include biographies, autobiographies, travel journals, historical events,  or even imaginary adventures. (8 sessions)

Computer Backpack 
Vital computer skills are targeted with hands-on activities that are designed to keep kids engaged with learning about computers. Computer Backpack workshops include a series of "Digital Adventures" in areas such as: Multimedia, Graphic Design,  Word-processing, Databases, Spreadsheets, Computer Operating System Environments, and the Internet. (8 sessions)

Digital Movie Production
Students plan, shoot, and edit their own movies. They will create a storyboard, construct sets, develop  characters, and then rehearse, shoot, and edit their movies. Students choose one of three basic formats for their movie -- design and construct miniature characters and sets for their movie using polymer clay and other assorted art materials;  use LEGO® bricks and figures to build  their sets and characters; or plan their scenes to use other students as actors in their movies. (8 sessions)

Please inquire if interested in other programs.


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