Model Schools Participant's Projects   Summer 2001

Creating Web Resources 6/25 - 6/29

many are continuing to work on these projects...

Joanne Shawhan  (library pages)

Christine Alfano (author web and update Ryder library page)

Mark Alfano (Entomology and Arthropods) also, check out Mr. Alfano's Classroom 

Linda Keller (update and additions to library pages)

Brian LaVine (class page and web resources)

Heather Johnson (class page and literature resources)

Dawn Kaminsky (class page update and add resources for content areas)

Phil Tracy (update and add resources)

Joe Bernocco (class page and web resources)

Rosemary Petersen (social studies resources)


Utilizing Web Resources 7/9 -7/13

Colleen Sheehan (class page and resources)

Brian LaVine (continue adding resources to class page)

Jen DeSando (class page and web resources for content areas)

Kathleen Watson (class page and music resources)

Heather Johnson (class page and add Early American Life resource web)

Linda Keller (continued work on library web)

Rosemary Petersen (class page and added resources for other content areas)


Resources used for these classes:

The following resources (among many others) were used for these  classes:

Web Tools -- resources for creating webs (ed resources, graphics resources, tutorials, html editors, search information, and other programming aids)

  1. Creating Teacher Webs kinds of educational webs and examples
  2. FrontPage Tutorials
  3. Web Basics