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Web Site Evaluation Rubric



3.  The purpose is clear. Information is accurate, current and relates to the purpose of the site. The information is useful, is interesting to read and shows insight and/or knowledge of subject matter

2.  The content connection is vague. Some information is incomplete or unclear. The information does not always reflect the purpose.

1.  Information is incomplete, unclear or inaccurate. The content lacks a purpose. No theme or purpose is evident.

Language and Conventions

3. Writing is clear and concise with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar usage. The annotations are appropriately descriptive.

2. Writing has some minor problems with punctuation, spelling or grammar usage.

1. Noticeable errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation. Extensive editing needed.


            Layout and Design

            3.  Page layout is attractive, clear and easy to follow. The layout and design function to fulfill the purpose of the site. The layout reflects a variety of formatting options for clarity (such as, tables, lists, etc.). Background and/or graphics enhance the page. The text is easy to read. Pages load quickly. The format and design is consistent throughout the site. It is easy for the user to print out pages with the URLs of resource links visible.

            2. The page layout is mostly clear and easy to follow. There is some inconsistency with the use of backgrounds and/or graphics. Some text is difficult to read. Pages load slowly due to excessive graphics.

            1. The page layout is confusing and difficult to read. The backgrounds and/or graphics are distracting. The page loads slowly. Design and formatting are inconsistent throughout the site.


            3. Links are clear and easy to identify. How to navigate the site is explained with a site guide or table of contents. All links work. Navigation is consistent throughout the site. Return links are present. The user can easily navigate the site.

            2. Most links work. Navigation may be confusing and lacks consistency throughout the site.

            1. Links do not work. How to navigate is not clear. Return links are not present.

Site Validity

            Works Cited

            3.  A complete list of a variety of resources is provided. Sources are listed in proper form.

            2. Some sources are listed.

            1. No listing is provided.

            Contact Information

            3. The author and/or a contact for the site is clear. Feedback is sought and easy to give.

            2. The author or contact information is difficult to locate.

            1. No contact information is given.





  Joel Black 2000