Digital Photography Workshop:
     Multimedia in the Classroom


Digital Camera Basics

Choosing a Camera

Digital Photography in the Classroom

Image Editing


Improve Your Composition

Taking Close-up PIctures

Tips from Kodak


Workshop Goals

  • Explore ways to use digital photography in the classroom
  • Find out what kind of camera is best for your needs
  • Learn the basics of how to take better digital photos
  • Use image editing software to improve and manipulate digital images
  • Learn how to insert digital images in presentation, web, or print software applications
  • Leave workshop with skills and resource materials to use in your classroom

Benefits of Digital Photography --
     quick, cheap, versatile, clean, and green....

  • There is immediate feedback -- you don't have to wait for film to be developed
  • You can edit and improve the quality of your pictures right on your own computer and can make any necessary changes before your photos are printed. Only print the ones you want
  • Digital photographs are in a format that is easily adapted for publishing or presentation
  • You save money by not having to purchase film or pay to have it developed
  • You can tailor the entire process to suit your own needs