Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt


1. Visit the How Stuff Works site and scroll through "How Digital Camera's Work" to answer the following:

(Click Printable version before scrolling)

a. What is the advantage of higher resolution?


b. When purchasing a camera which is more important to consider, the digital zoom or the optical zoom?


2. Visit Digital Camera Workshop and list 3 benefits of digital photography:


3. Go to Digital Camera's in Education and name two negative qualities of digital photography:


4. Browse  Kodak Learning Center Plus and list one tip for taking great pictures.


5. Go to Digital Camera and explore two ways you might use a digital camera in your classroom


6. Go to Digital Camera Lessons and pick a lesson that you could use or modify for your grade level:


7. Can pictures shot on film be turned into digital pictures for use on a computer? (Hint: Kodak FAQs) How?

8. Name one copyright issue associated with using digital pictures. (Hint: Copyright Issues )

9. Here are a few permission form/agreements. Choose one to modify/use and print it out. (Unless your school already has a policy in place.)

10. Go to Working with Pictures and list one thing you didn't know how to do.